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After working as a junior doctor in several famous London university hospitals for six years, James Avery volunteered to work as an overseas aid consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in one of Britain’s former overseas colonies, where he worked with a small team of local doctors for three years.

During this time he wrote The Surgeon’s Tale based on his experiences working as a junior doctor in the UK, but on returning to this country the novel was turned down by seven different publishers. Unable to find a literary agent, James Avery consigned the book to the bottom of his wardrobe, where it remained until he recently retired.

After working for three years under fairly primitive conditions in a developing country, James felt that technology had bypassed him and he therefore returned to being a junior doctor as a senior registrar at two of the most prestigious hospitals in the UK. He was then appointed as a consultant at a district general hospital in the south of England at the age of 40.

He became involved as one of the pioneers of a new type of surgery and during the course of his career he published 11 textbooks and more than 220 research papers. In the last five years of his clinical life, he was also appointed as a consultant gynaecologist at one of the leading teaching hospitals in London.