The Surgeon’s Tale, by James Avery




Your life in their hands

is the usual optimistic attitude of a patient undergoing a surgical operation, and that is usually the case, but in this story the hatred between a consultant surgeon and a junior doctor results in a deliberate display of arrogance…

…that ends in tragedy.

This is a novel set in the latter years of the Swinging Sixties, an age when a new generation became alive, released from the privations and rationing following the Second World War, fuelled by the introduction of rock’n’roll.

They rebelled against the restraints of traditional parental authority, their clothing marking them out as a different generation.

Political correctness had not yet arrived on the scene. The doctors on duty drank alcohol and smoked without any fear of criticism, and nurses were not averse to a little sexual flirtation with junior hospital doctors.

This novel will have you jumping from laughing out loud to gasping in horror. James Avery writes with such observational wit, transporting you back to a very different era.


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